Our team was tasked with crafting the experience for an online database of info related to the Telugu film and entertainment industry.


Senior UX Designer | Inkoniq
Stakeholder interviews, secondary research, Ideation, wireframing, UI design





V-cinema aimed to be the IMDB of the Telugu cinema industry. By providing relevant and valuable info to the telugu movie fanbase, we were also challenged with making the platform engaging and habitual for users.

The Solution

Engaging users with in-app quizzes, in-depth ratings and info for every movie, to help users make a decision quicker.

A clean and beautiful interface highlighting the imagery, quick scannable info, and navigational structure of the platform

Movie Detail

Content highlighting various ratings of the film and in-depth info about the movie


A catalogue of songs and artists, allowing users to discover seamlessly.


A collection of videos, allowing the user to discover content based on genres, type of videos, and ratings.


This section enables discoverability by showcasing award-winning content and artists, categorised by type of award, year of award etc. Users can also view the award ceremony video.


Capturing info about new artists allows users to discover upcoming talent. Providing movie quizzes to users to help encourage further engagment on the platform.


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